Its always interesting to see what forms of objects photograph well. My parents recently visited Boston and a side trip took us to the Aquarium here. Quite expensive but worth it for the pictures I got. I think the two most impressive ones were a black and white shot of a jellyfish and a long term exposure I took of some nautiluses.

The latter was interesting. While the shot isn’t that great or sharp and you can barely make them out, it let me see something at the aquarium I’m thinking most people miss. The nautiluses are kept in a dark room area and don’t move much in the tank, so at most you might see some vague blurs that don’t move around much. With the long term exposure I was able to at least see some of the striping that occurs on their shells, and figure out that I wasn’t just staring at what might have been curved circulating pipes.

Parents Visit, originally uploaded by sleeping_ox.

Parents Visit, originally uploaded by sleeping_ox.

This is my first attempt at an animated gif….photoshop is awesome at times! I think there is a way to make it work continuously, but currently I have issues with my computer freezing up. If you would like to donate, I would be happy to oblige your donation :).

marriage, originally uploaded by sleeping_ox.

This was my first attempt ever at combining multiple photos together to make a larger shot. I combined that with some layering of different stops of the photo to create something that if not perfect (you can see some fuzziness and weird coloring) at least is pretty cool looking.

This is the beach that Elsa, Mark, Steph, Nick and I visited up in Maine. I love going to these places with people but I’m realizing more, I love going to these places and taking pictures. Having a task, having a job, a duty, makes the trip so much more enjoyable to me. I like to work!

Detroit is a beautiful city but its missing something. I’ve visited other places over the years, Boston, New York, DC, Minneapolis, Chicago, and they all seem to be bustling and humming with life. Michigan though, its dying. Sure, there are bits and pieces that are vibrant and filled with life, but overall the creature is dying. What do you do with this type of issue? Quit and move on, or try as hard as you can to bring it back to life?

What I want to do is move away and come back, and hopefully bring some life back to the city. Maybe my stay in Boston will help.

Exploring the Park, originally uploaded by sleeping_ox.

This last weekend I went with my friend Susan to a wedding of a fellow Michigan Tech student. I’m starting to think I could actually make money off of taking photos of people, at the very least for the less monetarily well off college students.

One thing to remember though, I need to bring my tripod. Photos come out so much crisper with support.

Wedding in Bessimer, originally uploaded by sleeping_ox.

Interesting lighting occurs with long term exposures in nearly lightless caves.

Jesus in the Cave, originally uploaded by sleeping_ox.

Isn’t typography art fun?

Concept, originally uploaded by sleeping_ox.

So, degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Scientific and Technical Communications. Now, where do I head off to? The UP has no future in what I want to do, at least immediately. I could see coming back and attempting to invest in the area, but not staying here.

So what is my next step?

Any tips, hints, or ideas are appreciated.

Graduation 2009, originally uploaded by sleeping_ox.

I’ve been curious about HDR photos. They often seem simply better than anything else. It also appears like a mild cheat though. Of course it takes more effort…but is the result really the photo you took? Or is it something better?

This is the EERC tree for those who don’t recognize it though. How many peopel at Tech symbolize the school with this tree?

HDR Attempt (1 of 1), originally uploaded by sleeping_ox.
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