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I just finished the last project I will ever have to work on at Michigan Technological University. Five years of clases in Mechanical Engineering and Scientific & Technical Communications and this is the end. Where am I going from here?

I run into the mild confusion of not knowing what to do when I have so many options open to me. It’s as if I was given a writing assignment with almost no criteria and told to ‘be creative’.

What are my goals?
– To create and own my own property
– To fund, create, and donate property to Houghton for either Keweenaw Pride or Mu Beta Psi
– To go further in my education and get a Master’s in well…something? Ah
* Mechanical Engineering
* Rhetorical and Technical Communications
* Industrial Design or Product Design
* Business

– Find a way into politics


One more test

Thermite Plus Magnesium, originally uploaded by sleeping_ox.

Beach And K-Day, originally uploaded by sleeping_ox.

This image was taken at the very start of my senior year. It has been 28 weeks of classes, two job fairs, one BGC, one convention, ….so many things happened this year, both good and bad. Now I get to start all over again.

Tampere Finland Pictures, originally uploaded by sleeping_ox.

I’m done with my Scientific and Technical Communications degree! This picture was in my final portfolio and I feel relaxed and wonderful finally.

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